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EFK 30m Electric Fence for Garden Fences & Ponds (Mains)

EFK 30m Electric Fence for Garden Fences & Ponds (Mains)

EFK 30m Electric Fence for Garden Fences & Ponds (Mains) - view 1
EFK 30m Electric Fence for Garden Fences & Ponds (Mains) - view 2
EFK 30m Electric Fence for Garden Fences & Ponds (Mains) - view 3
EFK 30m Electric Fence for Garden Fences & Ponds (Mains) - view 4
EFK 30m Electric Fence for Garden Fences & Ponds (Mains) - view 5

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Ref: GPK-30M

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Price: 169.00

This Mains Powered Garden and Pond Electric Fence uses a Hotline Kite Energiser which would be installed next to a mains socket and also includes 10m of double insulated cable for taking the power from the energiser to the fence. 

If you have an outdoor socket then it can be installed there, although we would advise providing the energiser itself with some protection from any harsh weather. If wishing to make the fence longer then we also offer an extension kit option. This mains energiser could power a fence of up 1km if required so if very capable of powering a short garden fencing system.

The Garden Fence and Pond Electric Fence Kit includes everything you need and comes with full instructions and telephone back up for troubleshooting.

This electric fencing kit includes everything you need to create an effective electric fence for your pond, to keep out fish-eating predators such as Cats or the Heron, or, to prevent intrusion into (or escape from) your garden along a garden fence or wall by, for example, a neighbour's cats or neighbourhood foxes.

The kit contains 10 angled metal brackets that can be screwed to the top of a timber fence, or the timber surround of a pond, or even to a wall.

This will provide a 3-line 30m (approx 100ft) fence using green polywire which would be quite unobtrusive and we would suggest making the top and bottom lines 'live' whilst the middle line would be the earth wire.

When the predator touches a live and earth wire together he/she will receive an electric shock similar to a large static shock and will therefore be deterred from venturing any further. (Note: it is advisable to make sure no vegetation, like trees or bushes, touch the live wires otherwise the voltage will short to earth and make the fence less effective).

Hotline Paddock Kite Mains Energiser
10m Insulated Lead out cable
Pair of Crocodile Clips
10 x GP-5 Angled Brackets each with 3 Insulators
100m Hotline Green Polywire
Half metre earth stake
pack of 10 small connectors for polywire
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