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Hotline 25m Green Electric Poultry Netting

Hotline 25m Green Electric Poultry Netting

Hotline 25m Green Electric Poultry Netting - view 1
Hotline 25m Green Electric Poultry Netting - view 2
Hotline 25m Green Electric Poultry Netting - view 3

Hotline Electric Fencing

Ref: MH2L/G

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Price: 85.00

{Description}A 25m length of Green Electric Poultry Netting, from Hotline Electric Fencing UK, with moulded junctions. Simply the best way we have found for protecting your poultry from the desires of the fox, badger, mink etc. We must stress, this netting is for keeping the fox out, not just for keeping the chickens in although it does do that too.

A fox won't take a running jump at the fence, they will come and test it first and walk around it to find weak points, once they touch it with their nose it will 'bite' them. the bottom strand is not electrified but the next strand up is and this means that the fox cannot dig under the netting without getting a shock.

This is a 12-strand net, (the bottom strand is not electrified) standing 110cm high (approx 3' 6"), and the mesh has 7.6cm wide x 6.3cm high squares at the base going up to 7.6cm x 11.4cm at the top. The 25m roll of netting, when used to make a complete enclosure, will cover an area of approx. 39 sq m (20' x 20'). Poultry Netting also available in 16m and 50m lengths.

The 25m netting roll is supplied with 9 black flexi-posts with metal spikes (15cm long) which you push into the ground. Each netting roll comes with guy twines and pegs, anchoring pegs for the bottom strand and a net repair kit. You may find a Poultry Netting Gateway a useful addition as this will make it easier getting in and out of the pen and reduce wear and tear on the main net. For complete Kits to include everything you need for an effective fence take a look at our Poultry Anti-Fox Fence Kits.

When installing the net, carefully unroll the net roughly in position. Then push the posts into the ground around your henhouse until the two end posts meet. It should be kept as taut as possible and free of vegetation; then use the guy ropes on the posts to tension the top strand and the anchoring pegs on the bottom non-live strand to close any gaps over uneven ground. You may find it difficult to stop the fence 'sagging' on sloping ground so extra black Flexi-posts may be needed here.

We suggest using a 9v or 12v battery energiser with poultry netting to make sure enough power goes through the strands and can overcome some shorting out (i.e. 11 strands x 25m is 275m of total fence length). A Battery energiser should have at least 0.15 stored joules and for a mains we would suggest 0.5 joules.{Specifications}Specifications:

Height: 110cm
Length: 25m
Colour: Dark Green
Conductive Strands: 11
Number of Posts: 9{Delivery}
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A signature upon delivery is usually required for high value orders but, if this is not possible, and you are happy that it will be safe to leave the goods at the delivery address without a signature, please let us know. There is a space during the checkout process for adding any special delivery instructions. {Payments}
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